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Add: No.24, Gaozhou Road, Jiaozhou, Qingdao, Shandong, China P.C.: 266300
Tel: 86-532-7250188 7251283
Fax: 86-532-7251283
  Qingdao Dongfeng Rubber & Plastics Machinery Factory is a specialized manufacturer.Its plastics and rubber crushers and grinders mainly cover SWP,DJSP,DFSP,DGSP,XMF,SMF 6 series & 60 specifications.SJ series hard and soft pipe processing machines and granules processing machines have more than 30 specifications.

  This factory has a long history and strong technical ability.The company continuously learn advanced technology from abroad and invent new products for customers.Now the factory enjoys 4 state patents and won several state prizes.The products are welcomed in the domestic markets and overseas markets.
Qingdao Dongfeng Rubber & Plastics Machinery Factory sticks to its principle not the biggest,but the best.It will develop together with its friends.

  ZL93213787.3 ZL98301267.9 ZL98220593.7 ZL200620088009.3
Dongfeng Plasticator Innovation with Technology Spread to the world
Factory director Xiao Yu sends his regards to friends of all circles